Chris Serico

 With the Boston College Acoustics and University Chorale, Chris toured internationally, sang the national anthem opening day at Fenway Park, and performed with John Williams and Kenny Rogers. He's an entertainment reporter. Hooray!

George Konidaris

One of the original members from the 1996 Unsung Heroes roster, George is a banking ops manager and an alumnus of the Boston College Acoustics, with whom he recorded lead vocals on Marc Cohn's "True Companion" and Sting's "Mad About You."

Oliver Libby
A founding member of the Harvard LowKeys, Oliver's an alum of the Boston vocal band East Side Story and the NYC vocal band Invisible Men. When he's not trying his best to sound like a drum set for UH, Oliver runs a strategy firm and an international charity.

Tyler Pennock

You might remember Tyler Pennock from such New York City a cappella groups as Invisible Men and, well, Unsung Heroes. He'll provode you a more in-depth bio soon, and when he does, you'll read it with your eyes here!

Ashley Fochtman

Raised in Michigan, Ashley heeded the words of clairvoyant yogi and imitated the distinct sound of the moose, but refined her vocals before spending four fantastic years singing and dancing with the Harvard Opportunes.

All-Time Heroes Roster

(Current members in gold)
1. Steve Lee (1996, 2002-2003)
2. George Konidaris (1996, 2002-present)

3. Calvin Lai (1996, 2002)
4. Ernie Lai (1996)
5. Chris Besgen (1996, 2002)
6. Chris Serico (2002-present)
7. Mike “Obie” O’Brien (2002-03)
8. Danny Adrien (2002-03)
9. Scott Hecker (2002-03)
10. Sam K. Shaw (2002-03)
11. Mark Schroffner (2003)
12. Oliver Libby (2003-present)
13. Chris Contessa (2003-04)
14. Samantha Cordon (2003-13)
15. Rachel Grundfast (2003-04)
16. Howard Levine (2003-04)
17. Angelo Rufino (2004)
18. Juliana Tarris (2004-13)
19. Corinne Gooden (2004-05)
20. Elizabeth Gronewold Henry (2004-05)
21. Devin Powell (2004-07)
22. Ashley Fochtman (2005-present)
23. Kate Bond (2005-06)
24. Whitney Wood (2007-2017)
25. Brad Proctor (2007-08)
26. Carson Hinners (2007-14)
27. Chloe Thompson (2007-08)
28. Derrick T. Smith (2008)
29. Tyler Pennock (2013-present)
30. Kinley Russell (2013-present)

31. Christian Van Kipp (2014-present)

fearless nyc a cappella since 2002

Christian Van Kipp

Another alumnus of the NYC vocal band Invisible Men and the Harvard Lowkeys, Christian is the Heroes' 31st and newest member. What are his thoughts on puppies? Perhaps you'll find out after he submits a formal bio.

Kinley Russell

 After a childhood performing with the Russell Family Singers in N.C., Kinley joined the Harvard LowKeys to continue honing her close-harmony skillz. Kinley also sings with Essential Voices USA, which performs with the New York Pops at Carnegie Hall.

Thanks, Whitney Wood!

After rockin' the mic with the Harvard LowKeys, Whitney joined Unsung Heroes. She enjoys calling bad poker bluffs, freestyling, and indulging in the occasional fancy cupcake. She spent a decade kicking butt with the Heroes through her July 2017 finale. We'll miss her!