fearless nyc a cappella since 2002

All Heroes have an origin story. Ours just happens to have a built-in soundtrack.

Before he came up with his vision of fearless NYC a cappella, Steve Lee was a not-so-mild-mannered member of the Boston College Acoustics co-ed a cappella group. In search of a new creative outlet a year after his 1995 graduation, he invited four friends to join an informal, all-male a cappella group he dubbed "Unsung Heroes." That summer, the five rehearsed one song (Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecelia") but never made it to a formal stage, as Lee's move to Washington, D.C., prompted them to disband in September 1996.

Six years would pass before Lee returned to the Northeast and breathed new life into Unsung Heroes in the spring of 2002. He called upon some of the guys from the old group (including current group member George Konidaris) and recruited some new ones (including current group member Chris Serico). On March 22, 2003, a few months after its formal founding, Unsung Heroes made their stage debut at the New Dance Group Studio near Times Square.  And in the fall of 2003, Unsung Heroes went co-ed. Change is good.

Since then, the Heroes were recruited for four seasons of NBC's "The Sing-Off," named one of Time Out New York's "Best A Cappella Groups in NYC," and released their 10-track debut album, "Radioactive," available on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon. They've wowed audiences throughout New York City as well as the campuses of New York University, Columbia University, Boston College and Harvard University.

In 2018, Unsung Heroes celebrates its 16th year as a performance group with a fancy roster of Ashley Fochtman, George Konidaris, Oliver Libby, Tyler Pennock, Kinley Russell, Chris Serico and Christian Van Kipp.

Unsung Heroes: Origins

All-Time Heroes Roster
(Current members in gold)

1. Steve Lee (1996, 2002-2003)

2. George Konidaris (1996, 2002-present)

3. Calvin Lai (1996, 2002

4. Ernie Lai (1996

5. Chris Besgen (1996, 2002)

6. Chris Serico (2002-present)

7. Mike “Obie” O’Brien (2002-03)

8. Danny Adrien (2002-03)

9. Scott Hecker (2002-03

10. Sam K. Shaw (2002-03)

11. Mark Schroffner (2003)

12. Oliver Libby (2003-present)

13. Chris Contessa (2003-04)

14. Samantha Cordon (2003-13)

15. Rachel Grundfast (2003-04

16. Howard Levine (2003-04)

17. Angelo Rufino (2004)

18. Juliana Tarris (2004-13)

19. Corinne Gooden (2004-05)

20. Elizabeth Gronewold Henry (2004-05)

21. Devin Powell (2004-07)

22. Ashley Fochtman (2005-present)

23. Kate Bond (2005-06)

24. Whitney Wood (2007-17)

25. Brad Proctor (2007-08)

26. Carson Hinners (2007-14)

27. Chloe Thompson (2007-08)

28. Derrick T. Smith (2008)

29. Tyler Pennock (2013-present)

30. Kinley Russell (2013-present)
31. Christian Van Kipp (2014-present)